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About the Body Beautiful iPhone App

 Body Beautiful is the only iPhone app that promotes positive body image and self-esteem among women and girls.

Inspirational quotes, media articles, videos and tools will help you love your body. Body Beautiful gives you access to a life-changing collection of quotes from celebrities, authors and athletes that will boost your body confidence like never before.

Share your favorite Body Beautiful quotes, articles, and videos via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Take and share the "Body Beautiful Pledge" to respect and honor your body.

Stamp a photo of yourself or a friend with an inspiring phrase or quote to remind them of their true beauty, and share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Body Beautiful helps you love and appreciate your body and give it the respect it deserves!

There will never be a more beautiful you!


  What People Are Saying 

"As an Eating Disorder Specialist and mom, I am so excited about the new "Body Beautiful" app. This app is a breath of fresh air that will have a powerful domino effect in our culture. With other apps on the market that encourage an unhealthy obsession with numbers on the scale, a narrow definition of beauty, and quick fixes to deep, emotional issues, the Body Beautiful App gives women a great tool to fight this toxic atmosphere and connect with each other with encouraging words and images."  

-Rebecca Bass-Ching, LMFT
Disorder Eating and Trauma Specialist & Founder/Director of Potentia Family Therapy, Inc.  

"Just downloaded this app. Seriously, every woman should have this on her phone. We need to be uniting over the truths in this app. In a media saturated society, this is the RIGHT kind of media. Instead of lies about how to look more "perfect," we can choose to live in the truth that there beauty is not a certain size or shape. We are not objects."

Body Beautiful User


"So thankful for an app that promotes positive and healthy body image, and provides tools to share the message with others. The truth list is ideal for those tough days when you're feeling down, and the articles keep you in the loop about the progress that's being made toward developing and cultivating realistic ideals of beauty in our culture. Not to mention, the photostamp is adorable. I love it!"

Body Beautiful User